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Jurij Krivoručko

Jurij Krivoručko
Born on 5 August 1971, Borisov (Belarus)
Height: 174 cm
Coach since: 2000
Sport accomplishments: seven-time world champion in kickboxing, fourth-time world champion in boxing
 Coaching achievements: “The fact that my boxers are getting increasingly promoted. For example Ondra Pála is already Europan champion and already in the top 15 in World. And also the fact that some people come to me and ask me to train them.”

Hobbies: bowling, music, movies, martial arts


He was born in Belarus, but he regards himself as a Czech. Jurij Krivoručko Yuri, Médea Boxing Team coach, seven-time world champion in kickboxing. “I boxed more on the amateur level and a little less like a professional. For example I am a champion of Belarus, but it does not mean anything, “he says. In the professional boxing in the Czech Republic he first time scored in the memorable match, in which he knocked out the legendary fighter Rosťa Osička.
And how did he actually become a Czech? “Since 1992, I occasionally used to come here to fight in kickboxing and boxing. And then I was offered to box for the Czech national team. As an amateur I could take part at the Olympic Games. I accepted the offer and got citizenship. But the Olympic dream has gone” says Krivoručko. Under his supervision grew up for example Ondřej Pála into a boxer of an elite European twenty. And Arleta Krausová became a triple champion of the Republic. “At the beginning I did not want to train a woman. But when I saw how much she wants and that she grinds more than some guys, I took her. Now I have so mu fun working with her as well as with Marina Krasheninnikova. I must threat them in a different manner when compared to boys; they more suffer from defeats. They show negative emotions. Unlike the guys …”