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What is the difference between the professional and amateur boxing?

The first difference you see at first glance: amateurs are more“dressed” in the ring. Indeed, amateur Boxers use protective helmets and they are wearing vests (both in the colour of their corner). Professional fight stripped to the waist and without helmets. And what are some more differences?

Amateur boxing:

There are three rounds of the boxing match - each of three minutes (3 x 2 minutesfor females), breaks are long one minute. Equipment - gloves and helmet - must meet requirements of the AIBAAssociation.
Amateur boxing is an Olympic sport; the triumph at the Olympics is the biggest success of non-professional prize-fighters.

Professional boxing:

There are four to twelve rounds of the boxing – each of three minutes (two minutes for women). They also differ in the style and tactics, which is primarily due to a greater length of a duel. Therefore, in general, there are more blows in individual rounds than among amateurs. Hardness and brightness wins rather than quickness.
Winning the title of the World Champion in one of the most prestigious Federations: WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO, IBO, oris a highlight for a professional Boxer.